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     The Technology

With all the excitement in the news and spreading around the Internet about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning it's difficult to know what all this means for you and your business.

Searching the web doesn't help make clearer what this new technology is and what it can do for your industry. Most information about Machine Intelligence found online is directed toward data scientists and big business with large IT departments.

So what does all this mean for you and your business? Why do you need it? Can you afford it? How will you use this new technology to increase profits and grow customers?

A machine that can learn   -  learn your customers wants, learn their interests and their buying habits  -   would enable you and your business to create a superior customer experience giving them what they want when they want it.

Deploying Machine Learning

To implement a machine learning system for your business or organization is easier than you may think. The set up is straight forward being no more complicated than a common computer system set-up. The type of system you deploy will be dependent upon the amount of data you intend to process. The more data the larger faster system that will be needed.

The comparison would be similar to thousands to tens of thousands of data points to process compared to processing millions to tens or hundreds of millions of data points.

Once a machine learning system is deployed for your company the next steps would be to turn it loose on some training data you provide about your customers, manufacturing process, or products and let it learn.

* Machine learning will give you the edge over your competitors allowing you to scale your business and compete with larger organizations.    Learn more...

Sarael Technologies - Our goal is to help enhance your business through Machine Intelligence


using data and cutting edge technology to lift

your business far above your competition



Executive Level Thinking

Seeing the 'Big Picture' of your business or organization

  • from how the key drivers of your business relate to each other and how they work together to produce profitable growth

  • to asking the right questions to fully understand your Business workflows so we can apply machine learning to maximize Best Practice outcomes for your company

    Getting Into The Weeds

  • We are effective team - we understand the 'nuts & bolts' of most business processes and we learn what we don't know

  • We understand the technology - we analyze, meet with your managers, then make recommendations to business owners or your Leadership giving best approach for improvements

  • Sarael Technologies - We always keep your company proprietary information and data private and secure

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